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Key Strategies for Maintaining GDPR Compliance


According to a recent ISACA survey, data discovery and mapping, prioritizing GDPR compliance among other business priorities, and organizational education and change programs were the top three challenges business leaders face when it comes to preparing for GDPR compliance.

Even though the deadline has passed, many organizations are still working toward becoming GDPR compliant, and many who are compliant today are struggling with sustained compliance.

Doug Snow, VP of Customer Success at TITUS, offers insights and best practices for identifying and protecting personal data, engaging your organization, and reaching sustained GDPR compliance through organization-wide involvement.

Join this webinar to listen to Doug discuss:

  • Getting organizational buy in to ensure data protection is built in, not bolted on, to your business processes
  • Designing an effective and inclusive change management process to support privacy by design and by default
  • How to educate and empower employees to identify and protect personal data, without disrupting your business
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