Titus, by HelpSystems

Data Security – Best Practices for Remote Workers

Webinar Recording

In light of recent events, it’s become clear how important it is to have a plan in place for how to address data protection when your employees must work remotely – sometimes on very short notice. While organizations may feel prepared, unless they address the identification, context, and classification of the data their end users are producing, the rest of their security ecosystem just won’t work as it should. Employees may still be able to work, but these solutions won’t ensure the protection of your sensitive data.

In this webinar, Scott Hubert, Titus Vice President of Customer Success and Steve Healy, Titus Director of Sales Engineering, will discuss why it’s key to:

  • Leverage a cloud-based email program.
  • Employ cloud-based storage.
  • Educate your employees.
  • Protect data through its lifecycle.

Each of these items have a common thread – the identification of data. Join us to learn best practices that you can apply at your organization to protect your valuable data today and in the future.