Forrester Research — The Five Milestones To GDPR Success

Analyst Report

May 25, 2018 marked the beginning of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement. With the one-year anniversary mere months away, many firms are still behind on their compliance initiatives — in fact, only about a third believe they are fully compliant.

If you are among those who think all’s quiet on the GDPR enforcement front and that there is not too much to worry about, think again. According to Forrester Research, fines and further enforcement could be just weeks away. In a recent report, the firm identified five key milestones to help organizations develop and carry out a GDPR strategy:

  • Maturity assessment and gap analysis
  • Strong business case
  • Detailed road map
  • Instance response testing, auditing and process evaluation
  • Feedback loop for ongoing compliance and improvement

Read the full report to determine which milestones you need to address most urgently, and discover how to balance privacy risks with high-value business initiatives.

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