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Forrester Research: Estimate Breach Impact And Costs To Drive Investments

Analyst Report

Making a business case for investments in data security and privacy solutions can fall on deaf ears without solid numbers associated with the risks of not investing. The cost to business can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the breach, the type of data lost and the type of business suffering the loss. Related costs can include a range of services to help with the breach as well as the potential damage to your brand reputation. And penalties related to regulatory noncompliance can be severe.

As a security professional, understanding how a breach might affect your particular business is critical. Public examples of breaches within companies similar to your own can offer guidance, but spending some time analyzing your own organization and the potential loss to your business is critical.

In this report, Forrester Research breaks down the cost categories of a data breach and offers guidance for how to quantify the business impact of a data breach and build your case for investments in open, intelligent and flexible data security and privacy solutions.

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