Security with Increased Productivity and Usability

To address insider security threats, many organizations deploy data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Often, the scope of the process and policies are overwhelming to accommodate every scenario. Administrators quickly find it impossible to accurately identify every type of sensitive document, as well as predict the behavior of every type of user. As a result, some businesses deploy their DLP systems in “watch-mode”, where they monitor for behavior, but don’t realize the true benefits of actually preventing data loss.

McAfee DLP will quickly reach its full potential by leveraging TITUS Classification metadata to set active DLP policy. Join TITUS and McAfee for a discussion about:

  • Why it is crucial to include users as the first line of defense
  • How DLP, NDLP, and ESM leverage TITUS
  • The role of TITUS Classification in the DLP architecture


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TITUS and McAfee Webinar
Security with Increased Productivity and Usability